A sunny power-pop-punk trio, The Kickstand Band has been performing and recording in their hometown of Detroit since 2011. Their debut album, Puppy Love, is an introduction to their blend of garage-tinged grit with melodic guitars and sticky pop hooks. The band then released their Summer EP, featuring an expanded sonic range to compliment their band of boy/girl harmonies and focused songwriting. As 2014 kicked off, the group got to work work building a DIY studio-space and began recording their second full-length album. In the meantime, they have continued to deliver exciting live performances, featuring a dynamic homemade light show, at clubs and festivals including Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Fest and Toronto's North By North East.

"Smith and Young harmonize in a trashy almost haphazard rock 'n' roll way that is both raw and sweetÉ and there's a surfy element that is instantly infectious. Think the '50s punkabilly of The Cramps and the breezy pop brilliance of The Beach Boys, all mixed up in a Boone's Farm warehouse." - Detroit Metrotimes